Hi core Turbo Blower

Hi core Turbo Blower

  • HC-Series

    The Highest Efficiency Turbo Blower / Turbo Compressor

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    HC Series (Turbo Blower/ Compressor)

    • Conventional turbomachines use accelerator gear and oil bearings to transmit power (turbo blower, turbo compressor), causing extreme noise and oil pollution. Hi-Core offers the Turbo Blower/Compressor (HC) Series that goes beyond the limits of these existing products.
    • HC is a refueling/noise-free product that operates directly with a PM motor on shaft supported by air bearing
    • Because electrical power is transmitted to the shaft without mechanical contact, the system efficiency is excellent and the durable life is semi-permanent
    • Providing a clean working environment, saving energy
    • Reduction in maintenance costs, small installation spaces, etc.
    • High efficiency environmentally friendly energy machine (turbo machine)To implement the HC Series, the next generation turbo machine, we produce cutting edge technologies such as foil air bearing, PM motor & inverter, and AL7075 impeller

    Turbo Blower Turbo blowers can dramatically reduce energy by using air bearings, high-efficiency impellers, and high-speed PM motors, improving economic effects and quality of the industrial environment.

    • Type Blower: Centrifucal 
    • Matrial: Aluminium Alloy
    • Motor: Permanent Magnet Motor
    • Power Transmission: Direct drive
    • Maxinum Flow: 300  m3/min
    • Maxinum Pressure: 1.2 bar
    • Bearing Type: Hydro dynamic Air Foil
    • Noise:  < 85 dB
    • Vibration: Non
    • Lubicant: Air ( Non-Oil)

    PM Motor

    • PM Motor (7.5kw-300kw)
    • High efficiency PM Motor realizes higher efficiency (95% or more) than the operating range of the entire equipment.
    • The product maximizes efficiency by dissipating much less heat than other products due to its

    high-efficiency design and production.

    • Sensorless TypeMortar Drive (Inverter) technology enables accurate control even in high temperature motor environments.
    • High stability/ Minimization of maintenance costs
    • Low noise no vibration.

    Air foil Bearing

    • No refueling air lubrication device
    • By converting the air flow between the bearing and the shaft that occurs when the shaft rotates into compressed air, it supports the rotating shaft and also plays a role of lubrication.
    • Theshaft rotates while rubbing against the air bearing, and wear-resistant coating is required on the shaft and bearing to prevent friction loss at this time.
    • Special coating treatment to enable more than 20,000 starts and stops.
    • Secure the design and manufacturing technology of the bump-type air bearing applied to large capacity (300kw or more) blowers and air compressors.
    • No noise and ensures high system efficiency and semi-permanent durability.


    • High strength material suitable for high pressure
    • With a wide operating range and sufficient pressure margin, surge stability is high
    • Production of precision machine processing using forged materials (A7075-T651)
    • Processed with a precision 5-axis machine to produce a very precise high-efficiency impeller
    • Impeller and Shaft are directly connected, so the power transmission efficiency is 100%


    • VD-VECTOR  DRIVE  (7.5kw-800kw,200v/400v/690v/1140v)
    • Choose the most optimized DRIVE for PM MOTOR
    • Despite rapid load fluctuations, fast response speed
    • Various general purpose inverters can be applied depending on customer specifications
    • User-Friendly Graphic Control System (Touch Screen)

    Product Application

    • Environmental industry  Water supply, sewage wastewater treatment plant, incinerator, sanitary treatment plant,etc. Air supply, backwash, separation of membrane.
    • Agriculture/food etc.Transferring grain, drying, and transferring raw food ingredients. The fish farm's oxygen supply, manure treatment plant. Oxygen supply to activatemicroorganisms.
    • Dishwashing Remove moisture from the inside and dry after washing the bottle
    • Painting line Air supply of compressed energy for spraying
    • Incinerator Combustion effect increased, gas exhaust increased
    • Industry as a whole Cement, smelting and steel mills, petrochemicals, pulp, paper, etc. It's for transporting chips and powder ingredients
    • Petroleum/chemical It's for transporting chips and powder ingredients
    • Dry line

    HC Series

    • HC Series is easy to operate by installing touch screens.
    • Equipped with a high-speed PM motor.
    • Product performance guarantees through the performance test system

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